Your old skylights let in a lot more than just the sun.

Love the light your old skylights let in – but not the rain, summer heat, and harmful UV rays?  Putting on a new roof is, of course, a great time to replace older leaking and inefficient skylights with a VELUX No Leak skylight, but thanks to the ease of installation, there is never a bad time.

10 compelling reasons to replace / upgrade your existing skylights

1. Warranty
The new VELUX No Leak skylight offers the only comprehensive 10 Year No Leak warranty you'll find anywhere. This covers the skylight and its installation against leaks for a decade and coincides with the warranty of the new roof.

2. Energy efficiency
VELUX No Leak skylights feature the most energy efficient double-glazed technology available. Providing more daylight and better heat control than any other glass previously offered, our advanced LoE3 coating and argon-filled double pane design ensures year-round comfort and energy savings.

3. Condensation resistance
VELUX low-E3 glass offers nearly three times the resistance to interior condensation as does clear insulating glass.

4. UV protection
VELUX LoE3 glass reflects 83% of the sun's rays that cause fabrics to fade and paint to yellow. In contrast, clear insulating glass only reflects about 30% of harmful solar radiation and UV light.

5. Design flexibility
VELUX skylights are available in fixed, manual venting and motorized venting models complete with rain sensors. VELUX roof windows meet the requirements of fire egress codes, and there is even a model designed for any roof pitch or any roofing material.

6. Pre-finished Interior
VELUX No Leak skylights offer a pre-finished interior as standard. No painting or staining required.

7. Shading and window treatments
All VELUX skylights offer a variety of optional electric, manual and solar powered blinds for added comfort and energy efficiency. Solar powered blinds qualify for U.S. government energy tax credits.

8. Compatibility
We offer sizes that are compatible to virtually any brand or type of skylight available.

9. Quality and value
According to annual brand use surveys done by the readers of Builder Magazine, VELUX skylights rank as the highest quality, best value and the most used residential skylights in the USA. In fact, in over 25 years of this survey, we have never been rated less than #1 in any of these categories.

10. Convenience
The easiest and best time to replace a skylight is when the roof is replaced.

Replacing your old skylights with a VELUX No Leak skylight can make you see light in a whole new way.

Introducing The No Leak skylight to the Patchogue area

Unlike older plastic skylights, our new No Leak skylight meets ENERGY STAR® requirements, and its tempered glass is designed to withstand the elements — year after year. Thanks to three layers of leak protection, low-E3 glass, and prefinished frames and sashes, this breakthrough in skylight technology comes with the kind of long, inclusive warranty you'd expect. Best of all, you can realize substantial savings on cooling costs in warmer months thanks to the significant reduction in heat gain a VELUX skylight delivers.

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